Session 1 Microchurch What Is It and How Do You Justify It?

While I strongly advise you to download and read my short ebook, Mega.Multi.Multiply (free at, we will NOT follow or parallel that book in this series.

The MMM book is "descriptive," refraining from offering any "how-to" solutions or tools. We will be intentionally "prescriptive," presenting real-life narratives, advice and even templates. The MMM book will make our time together, here, more productive.

Thanks for joining me as we explore future options that look better by the day. Microchurch has become the primary tool for moving forward in Europe as it is in many parts of the world. As the U.S. follows Europe into a post-evangelical era we need to be alert to what Europeans and Asians have learned about the effectiveness of church which resembles the church in its most fruitful era--that of the New Testament.

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